April 13, 2023 by Peter H. Ratcliffe

I should preface this by saying that I rarely drink, so this descriptor is non-alcoholic.

Distillation is a centuries old process that is used to selectively concentrate things.

Distillation is a way to divide what we want to keep from the things we don’t want to keep.

Concentration by distilling decreases the size and weight of the original solution, and distillation increases the value of what we keep.

By carefully distilling grief, we do our best to concentrate and preserve the essential essence of a loved one who has died, releasing ourselves from the weight of carrying non-essential or impossible to resolve parts of that loss.

DistillingGrief  allows us to carry smaller, richer, powerful, concentrated memories of loves that we have shared with ones we have lost throughout the rest of our lives.

If we might take a moment to think of the loves that we will share in a good life as a collection of fine wines that we gather on our journeys through life, then DistillingGrief makes them into the finest cognacs for the memories of those loved ones no longer physically with us.